Wednesday, August 14, 2013

winter in my head, winter in my heart.

lately i've been finding myself
embracing the chill in the air
more than i normally would this time of year
(it's been a cool last few weeks here).

this is a very strange thing for me -
i used to live for the fuzzy summer nights,
where you could wear the same thing
as you wore in the daytime,
and not feel cold at all.

now, though, all i can think about
is crisp days, brisk winds, and overcast skies.
i dream of winter:
of fresh snow falling endlessly,
the utter silence of the nights,
the quiet crunching of cars
making their way through the drifts
on the way home.

i can't wait for it to be cold,
and i'm not really sure why.

so instead of trying to understand,
i'm leaving my window open,
letting the cold air filter into my bedroom,
and dreaming of winter storms.