Friday, April 26, 2013

for years,
i've wanted to learn
to play a theremin.

it's one of the most hauntingly
beautiful instruments,
and i love how bizarre + unique it is.

it's out of my price range right now
(most things are)
but it is high on my list of
things to try out,
once i'm able to.

here's an example of the instrument
being played - 
clara rockmore playing "berceuse"
by tchaikovsky.
(...she is so.good.)

Monday, April 15, 2013


after years of not thinking about the past
you find yourself thinking about it
a lot.

sometimes you find photos
you didn't remember taking;
people who aren't in your life anymore
(but figured prominently in it then).

and you wonder
(after googling them + finding out they have
entire tumblrs devoted to them...?!)
if maybe they were secrets better kept
in the past...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

heartache, heartbreak.


i think it's time to talk about it.


a few weeks ago,
my partner of over 5 years
broke up with me.

it's been messy,
emotional and heartbreaking and confusing and awful.

i feel like i no longer know myself,
and i no longer know
where i belong.

currently i'm in ottawa,
trying to pick up the pieces
of my muddled heart,
and put together
some sort of future
for myself.

but it is really,

i keep seeing wedding photos,
couples on the street,
magazine articles
on how to "keep your man happy,"
car commercials!
and they all make me want
to do nothing but cry.

the upheaval that's come of this breakup
is so much crazier than i'd anticipated,
and i no longer have
someone to help me get through it,
someone to tell me it'll be alright,
someone to love me unconditionally,
like i did for half a decade.

so, like i said: rough.

i just needed to get that out -
not for pity,
but for awareness.


i'm still working on a proper launch
and the new site
(and logo!)
will be along shortly.

i'm so excited for the revamp,
i can't even say...
making beautiful things
for beautiful people to wear
is the ray of sunshine
in my life right now,
and keeping myself busy
is what's keeping me sane.