Saturday, February 23, 2013

off on a (goth) tangent...

so i've been listening to a lot of the bands
i used to listen to in high school...
and one in particular never gets old:

not sure if it's their unique sound,
or the fact that they dress like cowboy goths,
or the fact that their lead singer is
drop-dead-gorgeous (see above),
but i think this is one band i'll be listening to
for life.

(here's hoping i didn't alienate anyone too much by letting my inner fangirl out...)

Friday, February 15, 2013

the dreamer - big cartel shop now open!

so i'm not sure if i mentioned it,
but i've switched over to
a big cartel shop
called the dreamer.

i find big cartel easier to use,
nicer to look at,
and more professional than etsy.
(i was also sick of seeing people
'favourite' my pieces
and then rip them off
2 weeks i wouldn't notice!)

please come have a look
as i've got some new pieces up
and a few on sale too.

thanks for your support!

i've been waiting for a while for this...

one of my idols
has a film coming out
about her.

i'm sure you've heard about her,
since she's been all over tv,
but i first found
on john's blog, late one night two years ago,
and became completely obsessed.

i'm so happy she's getting
the attention her work deserves,
but i'm sad she's not here
to receive that recognition

she was an incredible
- absolutely incredible -