Friday, February 15, 2013

i've been waiting for a while for this...

one of my idols
has a film coming out
about her.

i'm sure you've heard about her,
since she's been all over tv,
but i first found
on john's blog, late one night two years ago,
and became completely obsessed.

i'm so happy she's getting
the attention her work deserves,
but i'm sad she's not here
to receive that recognition

she was an incredible
- absolutely incredible -


  1. Oh, wow, I had no idea this was coming out. So cool, and yes, so sad.

    1. yeah, i remember when there were just vague musings about a book, but i guess john started a kickstarter acct or something for the film once the book idea took off (and people started loving the term "street photographer"), so now there's a film! it'll be great to see more of her work (including some of her 8mm films, i hope!) and learn a bit more about her from those who actually got to know her.

      she reminds me of brassai, for some reason...really good depth of tones, and her shots are always so perfectly balanced + crisp. <3