Tuesday, January 22, 2013

holiday shots, part 2

more shots from my visit to ottawa
this past christmas.

i really love the reflection shots
(#3 and #6)
because they remind me
of why i started taking photos
in the first place:
to truly capture
what i saw.


more polaroid shots will be coming shortly!
i finally ordered the 5v battery
i need to start running my
land cameras,
so get ready for some peel-apart
beauties as soon as that arrives.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

holiday shots, part 1.

on my last day in ottawa,
i decided to go cross-country skiing
(for the first time in 16 years!)
with my parents.

we took the parkway into chelsea,
and ended up skiing through
the most picture-perfect scenery
on the most beautiful winter day:
snowy trees, branches covered and hanging low,
creeks half-frozen, glinting in the sunlight,
and the calmness and serenity
of the gatineau hills,
surrounding us on all sides.

it was like we'd stepped into
a magical winter wonderland!
and it made such an impression
i know i'll remember it
for years to come...
(i'm so glad i thought
to bring my DLSR along!)