Wednesday, January 16, 2013

holiday shots, part 1.

on my last day in ottawa,
i decided to go cross-country skiing
(for the first time in 16 years!)
with my parents.

we took the parkway into chelsea,
and ended up skiing through
the most picture-perfect scenery
on the most beautiful winter day:
snowy trees, branches covered and hanging low,
creeks half-frozen, glinting in the sunlight,
and the calmness and serenity
of the gatineau hills,
surrounding us on all sides.

it was like we'd stepped into
a magical winter wonderland!
and it made such an impression
i know i'll remember it
for years to come...
(i'm so glad i thought
to bring my DLSR along!)


  1. Aw man, I've been dying to get out on on some xcountry skis... looks glorious!

    1. it was AMAZING. seriously, if you ever visit canada, don't even think about coming to the major cities...the wilderness is where it's at! (though, maybe stop by toronto for a bit so we can hang out first. heh!)

  2. wow, winter really is magical!

    1. i really feel like it is, whenever i go 'back home''s always these candy-coated trees and bright blue skies and puffball clouds! it never gets old. :)