Sunday, December 30, 2012


this is the first time
in months
i've even thought
about posting a polaroid.

i haven't shot one
since the summertime,
and (as awful as it sounds)
it was a great break;
very much needed.

i'm hoping i'll be able to grab
some of the new impossible films
to start the new year off right,
but if i don't
i'm not going to sweat it anymore.

i've got so much on my plate already,
and life is always worth living
in the present.

see you in 2013!


  1. Yes! Don't sweat it, exactly. We all put so much pressure on ourselves, we need to just take a step back every now and then. xo

    1. <333 you are the best!! happy new year... :)

      (ps. i just wrote you an email...i'm a total slacker, haha)

  2. Beautiful snow and Happy New Year!

    1. thank you!! happy new year to you as well!! :)

  3. Snow in a Polaroid, lovely! And yes, don't sweat it. Do what you need to do! And thank you dearly for your sweet package that came just when I needed a pick-me-up. You're the best! I will have some mail headed your way asap!

    1. oh i'm so glad it arrived + that you like it! and i'm glad it cheered you up...i've been feeling pretty mopey too; i think it's the season? anyway. :)

      i'm really feeling behind in the polaroid department, so i think this weekend i'm going to buy some of the new impossible film (however much i can afford!) and head out with camera in hand. (if only there were a zoom lens on those things...haha) there may be more snow pictures in the near future!

  4. Ahhh so glad I found your blog, never stop posting! Look forward to more of your polaroids (and your words)

    xx Michelle

    1. thankyou michelle!!! reading this actually made me look in my fridge to actually see what film i've got left (a gazillion of my peel-apart packs) and what i need to buy (a gazillion integral packs) in order to make your dreams a reality! i'm on it. :)