Saturday, November 10, 2012


almost ready for bed,
but just had to post

i'm trying to get my
polaroid 440 up + working
(battery mod, fixing light leaks, etc.)
so i can post some fun shots here
again, but so far
i'm behind.
(what else is new?)


i'm also gearing up for xmas...
it's seriously one of my
favourite holidays
(ok, it's my only fav)
and i can't wait to get started
on decorations for our place.


i've been baking up a storm, too!
cheese biscuits, chocolate sour cream cake,
store-bought pumpkin pie...
(ok, that last one doesn't count, but it was
terribly delicious!)

what's everyone else been up to?


  1. Lindsay, it's been too long! I emailed you a while back but you sound so busy - which is a good thing? Or a bad thing? I guess a bit of both probably! I too cannot wait for Christmas to just begin already! Oh and please mail over some baked goods, ok?!

    1. jo!! omigosh, i totally thought i was waiting on your response - aah! i think that maybe tells you where my head's been at these days, haha. ;) i'll definitely email you back this week, i'm so sorry! <33

    2. No, don't worry at all! You've been so busy, it's totally fine! just wanted to make sure all is ok :)

  2. sounds fun! there's been lots of baking over here too, with a store bought pumpkin pie too of course :)

    1. it's been fun, but crazy...and i'm getting kinda sick of crazy! (but never sick of pumpkin pie, haha!) ;)

  3. That food sounds delicious and I totally understand about getting camera equipment ready. My boyfriend was kind enough to fix up my land camera. I'm hoping to shoot with it this weekend.

    1. the food was amazing! and now i want to make some caramel brownies with sea salt, and an amazing orzo salad one of my other blog friends well as a million other recipes! so many recipes, so little time, haha. :)

      as for the land camera...ooooh i can't wait to see those shots! lucky you to have a boyfriend willing to incur your wrath to fix it (i'm not sure how forgiving i'd be if my boyfriend messed mine up, heh).