Friday, April 16, 2010

indoors, outdoors.

i wish it wasn't raining so much.
i'd love to have a nice sunny weekend again.


  1. This is a nice polaroid!!! came out really nice! what kind of polaroid camera and film do you use?

  2. this was 600 film (fresh from the boots around the corner!) on a 600 camera. i think the fresher the 600 film is, the better the colours. since i've started using 779 i've noticed the colours i'm getting are almost murky. i love a good, crisp shot. (i just wish my viewfinder weren't skewed! i have to manually overcompensate so i can get a shot that's even remotely 'centred'...but i guess that's what you get with a 20-year-old plastic camera, haha!)

  3. isn't it?! i wish they'd build stuff like this in toronto...! (and that i could live there, of course, haha.)