Thursday, May 20, 2010

fields of green
and stone
fill me with awe
and curiousity


  1. Officially jealous. Always wanted to go here! Wonderful photo, it looks so majestic.

  2. it's honestly even more beautiful than you can imagine. i just wish i'd been allowed to shoot closer...and that there weren't so many obnoxious tourists running around. for some reason, touristy types seem to think wearing blue and red windbreakers is the PERFECT thing to do when you're about to take a snapshot of an ancient structure. weird. :)

  3. I've heard other people complaining over the crowds, but this photo completely made me forget that because it looks like it would've been just you there. So one isn't allowed to get closer than this? Is there a fence?
    I know what you mean with touristy types and their clothes. I hate catching unknown people on camera most of the time.

  4. well, you can get closer than this (i'll post another shot i have that's closer up), but there's an ugly blue rope-fence that's hard to crop out of the photos when you've only got old technology (aka a onestep 600!) that doesn't zoom or anything. i got lucky!

    and OHMAN. i hate it when people pop out of nowhere, or cars zoom by, and make it into the shot. (don't they understand i can't afford to waste polaroid film? haha!)