Monday, June 14, 2010


(shots from yesterday)

it was a perfect day:
ate cherries off a friend's tree
framed a stunning photo
and ate pierogies + salad
while watching untold amts of tv...

i live for summer.


  1. these are very very very pretty.,.

  2. So pretty, such a good point of view; going low like that! My polaroid film is starting to run out, only 2x 20 shot packages left and I'm scared to use them. This really makes me feel like doing so though. Such a dilemma!
    I want to eat cherries off a friend's tree, too.

  3. oh! thankyou! :) it's always so nice to know that these shots are loved by someone other than me.

    helen, i completely understand - i'm down to 2 more packs! that's 20 will i limit myself!?

    i hope you're storing yours in the fridge...i swear i can tell the difference between the packs i got at urban outfitters (not stored in the fridge) and the packs i got in england (stored in the fridge except for the plane ride home). crisper colours, clearer image, etc.

    i'm so mad at polaroid for stopping production! now we head to ebay for ridiculously-priced film for our beautiful polas. sad.

  4. Yes I do store mine in the fridge. Slows down the ageing process considerably! I have black and white 35 mm stock film (30 metre rolls) that I got from my father; the one that I have been using most expired in 88 (I think) and it's as good as new because it's always been stored in the freezer. Interesting.
    I got all my film a couple of years ago when I worked and had money. No chance to get any anymore with this situation I'm in... It really is sad.