Tuesday, June 29, 2010


this was shot around the corner from my place in london.
i love that it goes nowhere!

in other news,
i need to buy the whole Chobits series
and let it take over my tv life for a while.


  1. I love these kind of "things" - doors or windows that are no longer but that are still visible, doors placed on walls of houses that should lead out to something (balconies?) but really lead out to nothing and don't even have those french window-railings... The steps and the sign in this photo make it even more interesting.
    And London's one of my favourite cities! Didn't realize you lived there, lucky!

  2. i love those things too! i find that quirky things that are out of the ordinary are the most interesting to capture on film...especially when no one else seems to understand, recognize, or appreciate their special-ness. :)

    and i wish i still lived in london! this is from a while back, when i lived in lovely barking. there were so many amazing houses and (new!) developments and crumbling churches with ancient tombstones lying around...it was fantastic. i hope to move back there again (once the economic climate is a bit better). and i'll remember to bring my rubbing papers for the gravestones this time...!