Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bird section, top floor

museum of nature,
ottawa, on


i took so many photos at this museum...
prepare to be visually assaulted by them
(until i get my scanner back!)


  1. Ever since first reading the first Harry Potter-book a decade ago, I've wondered how a pet owl would "work". The two owls in the last picture definitely make me wish it would, so beautiful! Love those ear-like tufts they have.

  2. i know! aren't they so sweet looking? i love how confused they look, too. the long-legged birds are always my favourites, though....they're so ridiculously disproportionate. almost like ducks, with reallllly long legs...

    on another bird note, saw some wild turkeys on my way back from my cottage....and man are they ever weird-lookin! haha.

  3. GAH! These are marvelous. I'm a sucker for taxidermy, especially when it comes to OWLS and those big glass eyes. So creepy, quirky, and strangely beautiful. Loving trawling around your blog and admiring your gorgeous photos. Cheers!

  4. oh! thankyou!! that is actually a huge compliment, coming from you (i'm a longtime stalker of your blog, heh). :)

    i looooved the bird section of the museum...i think i took a hundred photos there alone, haha. i wish i could reach through the glass and just pet them softly...they look so...alive!