Thursday, September 23, 2010

once, twice, again.

experimentation with mirrors.
this is from last summer,
because i'm still
looking for a cheap scanner.


  1. THIS IS rather cool.. OK so about this painting.. im currenlty working on one for you.. its quite big so im gunna have to send it in a tube thingo.. i need all your details and stuff.. so i can work out postage.. (:
    email me..

  2. ooooOOOOoooo OMG I'M SO EXCITED *spazzzzz*

    ...mkay good now. :) i will totally email you right now! (hmm. wait, after i hit up the ladies' room...heh)

    i'm really so excited i can't even tell you....!!!

  3. Hey there, sweetness. I haven't heard from you in a while, but last night I had a dream about you. We were in high school and you got in trouble for your Halloween costume. I don't really remember why. :S

    How are you! I'm still in Hamilton, trying to murder this dissertation.

  4. Talking about different formats I just bought a package of Fuji FP-100 film which means a new instant film format to try out, it's gonna be a lot of fun (although I need to wait until the camera I need for it is gonna be free as it's the school's camera, one more week to go).
    Just checked ebay for polaroid 600 film a while ago and the prices almost made me fall off my chair. Sad sad sad.

  5. i think a lot of people are going to move over to fuji's instant films, once the original polaroid films are exhausted...which makes me incredibly sad, since the larger format of polaroid is i think what makes it so high quality for image-making. i'm tempted myself, too, though! especially when you get so used to an instant format, it's hard to let it go... :) let me know how you're liking it...and if you think it's a good alternative to polaroid...i'm really curious from an artistic standpoint!

    i did manage to pick up some spectra film when i was in nyc, and even the lame-o shots i've been taking with that make me miss the richness of the 600 colours. sigh! i really need to get on my scanning, though, and show what i've been doing with my sx-70 and all the artistic tz i've been using! :)

  6. jeremy! how is life?? i'm doing quite well....c and i are living together and LOVING it...though our place is still a giant mess, and i have no official 'office' (or even a desk) yet...heh!

    if you're ever in town, you should drop by and see the's really nice and big, with lots of walls to hang my (ever-expanding) art collection on. :)

  7. barbara: thank you so much! i feel like i'll never find another mirror like that one...i have a whole bunch of shots of the lightbulbs (bare) above it, reflected a million times, that i've been meaning to share here too...! :)

  8. Please do, very much waiting to see all those shots!