Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunny days,
getting longer,
filled with light music
and picnics in the park...


my beautiful boy has gone to
california for 10 days.
he left today.

i came home from
dropping him off at the airport
and ripped all the weeds
out of our front+back yards,
pruned the rose bushes,
and discovered chives
in a tiny spot
hidden in back.

so now i feel
(a bit) less sad.


  1. Beautiful!
    (10 days go by fast - at least I hope they will!)

  2. thankyou! :)

    i have to admit, i'm only on day one and i'm missing him like crazy!! i hope the days aren't all like this. sigh...

    i'm distracting myself by making lots of summer necklaces+eating yummy food+not doing any housework, so i guess it isn't all bad. heh.

  3. ahh, i remember when i was away from my boyfriend for the first time after getting together, traveling for almost two weeks - i wrote him super long letters every day! it is strange how hard it is to not miss somebody, even though you know when they are coming back.

    (yummy food! i'm so hungry!)

  4. it really is so hard to distract myself from thoughts of him! (especially when other aspects of my life are less exciting, haha.)

    i really want to make him a mixed tape, but i can't find any of my old blank tapes to record on. maybe this weekend? i would write him letters, but they would only say one thing: "i miss you!" :)