Monday, May 23, 2011

i'll soon run out
of polaroid film
so i've been planning my next move -
medium format cameras!

i haven't really
used one before,
so i need to get


  1. Excellent! Do you already have a medium format camera that you're planning to use? And are you thinking 6x6 or some other size, like 6x7?

  2. i actually have a jem jr (not the best medium format camera by FAR) that i took a few practice shots with. i'm using the b+w 120, but since it doesn't have any straps i can use to steady it, i think i'll have to suck it up and just know that this first roll is gonna be blurry. plus it looks like bright light is key, and it's been nothing but rainy here recently. i so badly need to get an official good camera for this film though! it's gonna be so much fun to play with! (i guess i could just save up and get a rolliflex. ha!)