Friday, September 2, 2011

the move was

i was verbally assaulted,
and told that i might be pushed
down the stairs
or "taken out"
if i didn't leave
the house.
the new woman
(and her husband and kid and dog)
who lives there
terrorized me the whole time,
and i am thinking i might have to file
a police report
about her.

the crazy thing is,
no one stopped her
from going off on me!
and she just would not

thinking (/knowing)
she has mental problems
does not make me feel

i'm still shaking from the experience.

i don't really know what to do now.
but i have to go to work,
put on a smile,
pretend i'm ok...


  1. Oh god :(

    Is this the place you're moving INTO? Or out of?


  2. hey jemmy!! it was the place we moved out of. it was...beyond words bad. i woke up crying + shaking today because i couldn't get her out of my head. i think i was in shock... :(

  3. oh GAWD i was going to ask the same quessie- so glad you're OUTTA THERE! keep reminding yourself that that poor woman is simply out of her mind, and that you, as the grownup with full emotional intelligence and wherewithal, are blessed to be a NICE PERSON.

    and yes, you should file a police report, if you can bring yourself to deal with it. go out and get yourself a nice cheerful yellow duvet cover or something that bucks you up and doesn't remind you of your old place. hugs from brooklyn. xo

  4. yeah, i think i will have to be the bigger person in this case, and just try to forget her mean-ness (until i file the police report). i can honestly say that sept.1st was the worst day of my life so far. i'm so glad i'm old enough to know that life goes on, y'know?

    and i'm totally doing just that with the purchaseyness! although mine is a lovely necklace from the erie basin boutique (i'm sure you know about russell's store, but if you don't, it's a nyc haunt you would love!)...sorta the same as something nice for the house if i wear it around in here, right? haha. thankyou for the hugs!! back atcha! :)

  5. Oh my god! This is so awful - why?! How awful she treated you like that. What part of TO was this in? I really hope you've moved to a nicer place now? This woman just sounds C-RAZY. Thank god you're out of there - onto pastures new and time to move on. Hope you're ok :)

  6. ha! i say C-RAZY all the time! :D and yes, yes she was completely mad. she looked completely normal, a mum in her mid-30s, kid+hubby+dogs with her...and she just wouldn't shut up. it was awful. anyway. (glad i'm not my landlord right now...he has to put up with that crap for at least another year, heh.)