Friday, December 16, 2011

i love these shots.
i remember taking them,
but i can't remember
where exactly.


  1. Pardon my language, but these are so fucking good! The first one, in particular.

  2. thanks!! :) i think these were taken a gazillion years ago, when we went on a trek to that abandoned peninsula? looking at them makes me really miss the whole taking-pics-of-abandoned-buildings thing. siiiigh. (...gonna be visiting toronto any time soon?)

    this comment makes me feel awesome, btw. so really, really thankyou.

  3. I thought they looked familiar! I was actually looking at pictures from there recently. They've now demolished everything out there. :(

    Visiting Toronto? Well, the lady and I are thinking of a springtime Canada trip perhaps, so I'll letcha know.

    Keep up the good work and have a good Christmas/birthday! :)

  4. that's so sad! what was the neighbourhood called again? (and why is it they ruin the most beautiful things ever? gah.)

    there are some gorgeous buildings here in toronto, a few of which look remotely investigate-able (<-- totally a word, i just made it!) and fun to poke around in with a camera or two. let me know when/if said visit happens! :)

    merry christmas to you too! thanks for the birthday wishes...2011's been a crap year, so i'm looking forward to next year's b-day wayyy more. haha.

  5. this place looks incredible.

  6. thanks! i'm rather sad it's gone was so much fun to explore that day.