Friday, January 27, 2012

i am sick.

tonight will hopefully include
yummy sushi,
and early bedtime.

just in case
that doesn't work out,
i've got an exciting plan
for the weekend:
drawing up
my business plan.
(the madness never ends!)


  1. Answer: haha, thanks!
    Beautiful post by the way.

  2. thankyou m! :) (and you're welcome, too, haha.)

  3. me too. sick as a dog. it's the PITS.

    HOWEVER. benedict cumberbatch as sherlock holmes is keeping me entertained. what, pray tell, is you mystery of choice?

    hope you're feeling better!

  4. aww! poor you! :( my insta-cure is ginger tea, but mystery shows/movies are a close second (haha). i fell in love with that version of sherlock holmes recently too! i'm so sad that there were only 4 'episodes' as i think it was one of the best productions of any of the sherlock holmes mysteries i've ever seen. so glad someone else is loving it too!

    i'm obsessed with midsomer murders (i only own one season), waking the dead, and rosemary + thyme (when i catch it on tvo...our version of pbs). and i'm a sucker for murder mystery movies too!

    i'm feeling much better, thank you...and i really hope YOU feel better soon too! let me know if you need some (air-mail) mystery shows sent your way... ;)