Saturday, January 14, 2012

still not sure if
is the film
for me...


this weekend it's cold!

tomorrow i'll
(hopefully) head out for some shots
after sleeping in
and having a yummy breakfast.
i'm hoping to catch
this film


  1. It's such a pretty late afternoon colour though!

    I'll be interested to hear what you think of the film. I hated it.

  2. ha! i've been trying not to think that (since i bought 10 packs of it), but i've pretty much come to the same conclusion. it's difficult to use, and it really needs bright light and a 'dark' setting to make anything pop. it also seems to mess up my spectra (the film doesn't eject properly, which i assume is a battery issue) so i've been using my sx-70 more often.

    all this just makes me miss good old 600 film! sigh. have you tried any of the newer impossible colour films yet? (fyi - winter is not the best time to experiment with them...they all turn blue! heh.)

    (btw, thanks for complimenting the shot. you're right - at least the colouring's nice...!)

  3. Hello,
    Choosing film is such a... struggle. I've never tried this, but it suits your image. 10 packs will probably help you decide :)

    How was 'Melancholia'? Wish I could find the time.

    Lilli (in Norway)

  4. thank you lilli! :)

    i really do hope i find some love in the softtone film, though i hope it's sooner rather than later - nothing is more frustrating then finally figuring out a film, only to run out with no possibility of purchasing more. (this was the case with 600 film!)

    we actually never made it to melancholia this weekend (funny you mention it - we ran out of time as well!), but it's scheduled for next weekend instead. if i have my way, we might even see it sometime this week...