Sunday, March 25, 2012

it'll be a spectra spring....

so finally the colours
are getting somewhat

let's just hope
this film stops
hating the light
so much...

then we can really start
having fun again.


  1. So I just left you another comment on your post below about the flowers but don't think it worked! So here I am trying again...
    I left you a reply to your comment on my blog about the tape dispenser and then realised I should just do it here! I got it from here:
    Bit pricey but something that will last - although I don't doubt you could find something cheaper where you are - otherwise you'll have to pay for international shipping too. Gah! :)

  2. it worked, don't worry! and thanks for the link...though i see what you mean about the priciness...i'll have to treat myself one of these days. that, and probably a million other things on that many useful pretty things! yikes! :)