Tuesday, April 3, 2012

dear 600, i miss you.

the thing i really miss
is how painterly
the shadows

how the light bent itself
and became softer,
and yet so vibrant
and defined.


  1. I love this post. And so agree about the 600. I miss it too!

  2. i feel like i whine about it a lot, but it's pretty tough losing something that awesome. the new impossible film is hard to use, since you always have to account for a million factors that can ruin the image at any given moment. ANYWAY. thanks for the compliment! :)

  3. Yeah I agree. The impossible film is great in theory and it's wonderful that the idea of polaroid hasn't been lost forever, but it will never quite be the same. Although I guess they are trying to get it better all the time, so we can hope! :)

    1. it's funny, because urban outfitters had a whole bunch of the new colour film, and it sold out so quickly...but i'm pretty sure none of the people who bought it will take the time to actually properly develop the image (ie. shield it from light, keep it warm, etc.) and so it'll just end up in the garbage.

      i hope that they're working on perfecting the colour and the ease of use...because unlike some people (urban outfitters, AHEM) i don't have money to throw down the drain, haha. :)