Friday, April 20, 2012

high park blossoms

here's one of the shots
from yesterday's trip
to high park.

it's so much more fun shooting
now that spring has arrived
and the flowers are out...!


  1. Love it when the blossom comes out - just hope the weather over there is better than here in london at the moment, it's so wintery here! Yay for Canadian Spring!

    1. the weather was fantastic up until today, when mid-day the sky got moody (and started to cry once the sun went down). how bad are your temperatures there?

  2. Reply: Thank you, your comments always makes me happy.
    I wish the cherry blossoms would bloom here too but it's been snowing all week.

    1. you're welcome! i'm so glad they make you happy. :0

      ohh, snow is no fun, especially once blossoms start to appear! it's been strange weather over here though - very hot and then quite cold, so who knows how long the flowers will last?