Thursday, May 3, 2012


happy may!


saw this lady play
last night -
she was awesome
and a total
sweetheart in person!


in no particular order: 

trying to write my
business plan,
before i visit my family
in a week
and break the news of my

i think i'm going to make
some cookies
today too,
because yum.

i booked an appointment
to finally deal with
this problem i've had
since childhood.
(it's not as bad as the wiki photos,
i promise...)

there is a visit to nyc
lurking somewhere in the
near future!
which is exciting,
but will have to be inexpensive (duh)...
anyone want to let me
sleep on their couch?


  1. that yellow! be still my heart! i baked cookies yesterday, yum! nyc visits are always so exciting... have fun!

    1. i know - isn't it fabulous?! i always love spring... :)

      as for nyc, it'll be my first time going in summer, so i'm excited to get to wear sandals + shorts while walking around!

  2. Lovely shot. Happy May to you too.

    1. thankyou alexandria! i think may will be a good month... :)

  3. So much to comment on, so apologies in advance for the long comment!
    Thanks for the intro to Frankie Rose. I'm pretty sure I've heard her music before but didn't know her name, so now I do which is great.
    Agreed about Spring. It's my favourite season but we are having the COLDEST, WETEST spring on RECORD. Yes, I'm shouting it. It's one of the main things I miss about living in Toronto - you get actual distinct seasons. Sigh.
    I've never heard of Ptosis before, but good for you for getting an appointment. I know how hard these things can be.
    And NYC! Hells yeah! My husband and I got engaged there. Apart from London and T.O, NYC is my most favourite place on earth. You will love it! I have to go once every couple of years to keep myself happy. So exciting you're going this summer!

    1. dang, you guys got engaged there?! that is AWESOME! (and so not happening to me this visit. sigh.) :)

      so glad you like frankie rose! she was seriously so sweet in person, and a really fun performer (though the venue totally sucked). i might actually be shooting her (um, photo-shooting, that is) when i'm in nyc this summer! *fingers crossed*

      btw, feel free to leave dreary angleterre and come visit toronto. we have a spectacular inflatable mattress that's begging for some new friends...haha. :)

  4. Woah, you'll be sorry you offered because I'd be on the next flight if I could! Hopefully we'll get back there in 2013 (no chance this year - that stupid money thing keeps getting in the way!).

    And hello? you're shooting her in new york? WHAT? Tell. me. more. This is a whole bunch of exciting things. Where did you see her?

    Yep, we got engaged at the top of the Empire State Building - a bit of old school romance right there! However it was about 9pm, just before Christmas so although it sounds romantic, which it was, (new york at night time at christmas, hello?!) it was also the coldest place on earth! My recommendation to you is to do the empire state building at night, and the Rockafeller during the day - the views from the top of the rock are way better.

    1. well, hopefully you'll be back even sooner. and yes, you can totally crash with us when you visit! :)

      as for the shoot, it just kind of came up as we were chatting briefly after her set last night. i'm not sure when i'm visiting, or even where to shoot, so more details on that later, haha!

    2. Awesome - to both things! :)