Friday, June 15, 2012

picture time! (a giveaway...) edit: closed now!

some of you already know this,
but i'll be opening my etsy store soon,
full of polaroids,
photo prints,
and pretty jewels

i've got a few polaroids in mind
that i'd love to see
larger than life
(and they are going to be big - think 16 x 20 and up!),
but i'd love to have
your input 
on which shots
you love the best!

let me know which ones you love...
and you might just win yourself
a copy of that polaroid!

simply pick which shots
you love the best
and leave your contact information
in the comments below!

(...i'll be using a random
number generator to help select
the winner.)

i'm leaving this contest open
until july 1st
(canada day!)
so those lucky folks on vacation
have time to catch this.

and please feel free to re-post the giveaway:
the more the merrier!

thanks for all your support!

edit: this giveaway is closed now.


  1. Really loving these:

    But if Instagrams are allowed then I am in love with the one of the lilacs. I adore the little peak of purple and green, and the light on the petals.

    PS Can't wait to see your shop!

    1. hooray! i'm so glad you like those shots! i was thinking about including the 'lula' one, but wasn't sure names would work so well, so thanks for changing my mind on that one! :)

      and i might actually make some of the instagrams into prints...if only because they take the BEST flower shots...! haha.

  2. Here's my nominations:


    And maybe some of the Stonehenge photos? There's a pretty old post with some very beautiful huge stones bathed in warm sunlight.
    #4 would be my favourite if I had to pick just want. Beauty...
    But that big tree is also epic.
    Oh and I'm also loving Jo's nominated bridge!

    1. "Want"? One, I meant. What am I smoking! (Rhetoric question, nothing unfortunately)

    2. haha, i knew what you meant! (i didn't actually catch the mistake until reading this second comment!)

      i'm so happy you like the pigeon picture...i think it's one of my favourite shots ever. :) and hooray for you and jo agreeing - i value both of your opinions so much!

      the stonehenge/avebury circle ones will also probably make it through to the large-scale, if only because (again) i love them so much, haha.

      thankyou so much for your input!!

  3. ooh, really loving number 3 from Helen too! I'm in love with that pic of Niagara Falls. It's so perfect! Think it might be my new favourite!

    1. i'm so, so glad you agree! (and thankyou!!) i really value your opinion so much; i think you have a great eye, so thankyou for your suggestions (and i'm fairly certain that since you two are the only contributors so far, you might both end up with a print on its way to you!). :)

  4. Ooh ooh I hope I'm not too late! The second one you took on Friday December 16, 2011... beauteous! And congrats on your etsy store... very exciting!

    1. nope, you made it! :) i'm so happy you like that shot, was on the old ('original') polaroid 600 film, and the tones in it are just perfect, i think...exactly the way you always want a polaroid to turn out. :)

      and thankyou!!