Monday, July 2, 2012

long weekend.

yesterday was canada day
(happy belated birthday, canada!)
and it was also the pride parade,
which c and i attended.

i was sprayed with water
(from water guns),
saw some insane costumes
(and some very non-existent costumes - hello fully naked people),
and was surrounded by
rainbows + neon
for the parade's entire duration.

after a visit with friends
(who have a bbq and a new media room)
it was home to sleep off
the entire crazy day.

so today we've just been
bumming around,
eating rhubarb preserve
(fresh from the federal reserve!),
and watching the first season of charmed.
(...oh mid 90s tv!  so cheesy, but so good.)

happy (early) 4th of july y'all!


  1. yay! happy early 4th to you, too! sounds like a glorious day, and that first photo is particularly glorious as well!

    1. thanks, haha! i absolutely love hydrangeas...they just have the biggest pops of colour, in such lovely shades. (these shots were actually taken in atlanta...lots of lush everything there!)

  2. I love these! the colours and shapes. Perfect polas!

    1. thankyou jo!! i feel like they're my first 'favourite polas' in a while...and they're bugging me to go take some more, haha. :)