Wednesday, July 11, 2012

pet post!

not gonna lie -
sometimes i wish i had
a pet chicken
(or five)
like my cousin down south.

this beautiful hen is masala
(as in chicken masala, ha!)...

she's the brains and the heart
of the chicken family,

and she's just so beautiful...
the sweetest lady
you'll ever meet!


  1. I totally want pet chickens, mainly because I think they're lovely and the fact I eat eggs every day! But we have so many foxes here they'd be eaten straight away. Remember I told you about the local cats that play in the garden with the foxes? SO cute, but deadly for chickens!

    1. they're such affectionate pets! i really want to move somewhere in the country where we can have chickens (and build a coop to keep them safe), because i'd love the company AND the eggs! :) too bad the foxes don't get along with the chickens, because that would be the cutest thing EVER to see them playing, sigh. in my dreams, huh?

  2. First of all thank you so much!
    The mental institution that we went to is pretty close to home, in Dalarna Sweden.
    That really sounds cool and I absolutely agree, what a waste!
    I really am grateful for your comments!

    1. you're welcome! i always love your photos. :)

      if i ever visit sweden, i guess i know where i'll head for some good shots...thanks!

  3. My friend had a chicken once with a huge poof of feathers on her head. She was beautiful. They named her Tina Turner... lol!

    1. that's awesome, haha! my cousin's chickens are pretty funny - masala's name comes second to chicken-in-tracksuit, though...if only because she really DOES look like she's wearing a tracksuit! :)