Thursday, October 4, 2012

late-night thoughts.

you think you have something
in the bag
(so to speak)
and you find out
you're further than you could ever imagine
from where you want to be,
and what you want
to be doing.

that said,
things are really
what you make of them.
so i just
don't give up;
i keep trying,


i desperately need to update my shop!
i've been making pieces
left, right, and centre,
but neglecting my online presence,
as i've got pieces being sold
at red pegasus (in toronto).
this is a task for tomorrow,
i think!

i also need to get my fingers
(and brain) working on a banner ad design...
the only links i ever have on this blog
are in the posts themselves,
and that just will not do.

(in fact,
this whole blog could use a facelift.


  1. Oh man, I hear you! It's almost harder to have dreams that are tangible and just within reach than to have big lofty faraway ones. We're working on some facelifts too. That's awesome that you have your stuff in a brick and mortar shop! Do you have any advice on making that happen?

    1. that is so true - it's the things that are just within reach, but so hard to maintain, that cause me the most angst right now, haha! :)

      getting my stuff into a brick+mortar shop wasn't too difficult, but only because (embarrassingly) i currently work at the shop pt. :) but! i honestly advocate just getting out there and showing people what you've got, especially if there's any shops that emphasize local/handmade works of art! and keep trying different places, even if you get rejected (which hurts a LOT if it's in person, btw...ugh), because you'll definitely find someone who's interested, usually in the strangest of places. i've been having not a lot of luck with craft shows + farmers markets applications, so i'm just continuing to sell wholesale instead - until i can start meeting customers face-to-face instead! i think just getting your work out there and seen is the most important thing, especially when you're just starting up.

      (it's bizarre, though - for some reason, seeing your work in a store seems to give it some sort of validation of worth, in customers' eyes. so keep trying!!)

    2. hey send me your address so we can start penpal-ing! liz dot endicott at gmail

  2. Well you know how I feel about this...exactly the same! Never give up. And try not to be too hard on yourself... although I need to take my own advice! ;)

    1. yes, i do know! haha. and it's the quote on the little book you gave/made me that has given me this new thanks! <3 (now go take your own advice! haha)

  3. Great quote, isn't it? So simple and something people say a lot, but when you really emphasise it, it somehow gives you the push to just keep going.

    1. yup! i find the best way to be happy is to "keep it simple, stupid", as they say! :D