Friday, June 29, 2012


all i want to do
all day
is listen to my old records
and pretend that life
is fine again...


  1. Hope you're all ok over there. Sometimes listening to old records and relaxing is what the soul needs. xo

    1. i'm stuck in a bit of a rut, emotionally, right now...i'm waiting to really feel inspired, but all i'm feeling is worry. this independent business thing is tough! i think i need to make myself a motivational-speaker robot, to tell me how awesome i am, and that i can "do this"! haha. :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I had real transitional problems when I first started - I won't lie it did take me a while to find my groove. I still have bad days now but it does get better I promise. It's so overwhelming and there's always so much to do that I know it can be really tough, but it's so totally worth it - being in charge of your own destiny is empowering. For me, anyway. Oh, and no need for a robot, just ask me: YOU CAN DO IIIIIIIIIT! :)
    Keep strong and focused on why you did this in the first place and keep going. (Hey, I should really listen to my own advice sometimes!) xo

    1. this whole past week has been a 'bad day''d think that a new computer and a new camera would solve things, but it just makes me feel even worse for not mastering them so quickly! (weird, huh? i guess i have high matter what!) and then i start doubting my skills and my path...

      and i will come to you when i need a motivational poke or two, haha! it's much better to have a real-live someone tell you 'you can do it' than a robot, really. :)