Thursday, June 28, 2012


you guys...
is finally open!!


i'm working on getting
more items in there...

can you feel the


  1. ERM, OMG beyond exciting! love that you're getting so much done!

    1. ha! i feel like the biggest slacker right now, so thanks! :)

      i seriously need to plan a better photoshoot, though - these pieces are too lovely to just sit on paper!

  2. PS meant to say before, how much are you loving your new mac?! Amazing, isn't it?!

    1. it's awesome, but it's also confounding...i hate not knowing all the shortcuts or specific movements (i'm always making the mistake of going back a page by accidentally tapping the touchpad with my two fingers, grr...)!

      i can't wait to get photoshop running on this beast, though - i've got a huge learning curve ahead, and i'm rather nervous about it (but excited too!)... :)

  3. YOU GO, LADYPANTS! I'm obsessed with the tribal one, obsessed!

    Mkay, only feedback I'd say is to see if you can edit the brightness of your images on your computer (if you have a Mac, which is sounds like you do, you can do it really easily in iPhoto if you haven't got the hang of Photoshop quite yet). The backgrounds should be bright white; it'll make your GORGEOUS baubles that much more appealing on the screen. Having basic continuity in the "styling" (that work makes me throw up in my mouth but whachagunnado) in all the images helps make your shop page look more unified and organized too (for when you get more items in the shop). Kate Miss of ForMe-ForYou jewelry has a nifty styling idea if you need a lil' inspiration.

    Hope that helps, and WAY TO GO! This is sooo exciting! Def lemme know when you upload more work! Woot-woot! xoxo

    1. thanks so much lily!! :D

      i totally know what you mean about the image consistency. actually, it's been driving me BONKERS already! i've been stressing out over putting the images up without having made a proper lightbox, but then i decided i just need to do something - anything! - to get this ball rolling, and went with the not-so-amazing shots i took with my new (complicated!) DSLR.

      however, if you notice, that means customers notice, that means i need to get on that ASAP! i think tonight will be chillin-with-cardboard-box night. (the fun never ends!) heh.

      and i LOVE the way kate's done her styling...i need to start working on my design aesthetic a little more....! :)

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    1. thanks!! :D i'm looking forward to your shop opening soon too...!

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    1. thankyou!! now on to getting the photos up on there! :)